about me

I have an interest in dressing bodies for the stage but my main aim is in exploring how costume design can become more sustainable in response to the rising damage of climate change.
I have recently completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Hull where I studied Drama and Theatre Practice and am now continuing my postgraduate studies in the course Theatre Making at the same university.
Over the last few years I have worked in a variety of roles on various productions. I have been a wardrobe assistant, a costume supervisor and have had many opportunities to work as head designer and some of this work features in the gallery.
I am currently working on creating my own vision of what a sustainable theatre costume could look like as a result of how fashion is already practising sustainability. I am titling it the metamorphic costume and this is something I am exploring both theoretically and practically.


The Glen Willoughby Award for Outstanding Creative Contribution to Scenography


Whilst completing my Masters, I have narrowed my focus in costume design. The metamorphic costume is something that I will be putting into practice in the coming summer. I will be documenting this process and am excited to share it in order to help other designers and theatre makers hoping to be more sustainable. 

I am incredibly passionate about making sustainable choices in my personal life and I also have a great love for costume design. Finding a way to combine the two has been incredibly exciting both practically and academically. I have made interesting presentations about the future of costume design whilst also directly discussing the sustainability of theatre in general. Some of my research is based on fashion design theory as I find costume design theory is only just beginning to discuss these important subjects. There are many practical suggestions on how to create sustainable fashion and I believe these are important to look at when considering how to sustain theatre costume for as long as possible. Though they have differences there are many intrinsic similarities between fashion and costume. I am also furthering my knowledge by analysing basic sustainable processes that businesses and theatres do opt as well as the economics and science behind sustainability.